Texas Nurses Association

Texas Nurses Association (TNA) is the Texas affiliate of American Nurses Association. As such it is a professional nursing organization for Registered Nurses. The organization’s headquarters is in Austin, TX.

Since its inception, TNA has worked to advance the nursing profession as well as its practitioners. Patients and nurses in Texas have benefited from its existence over the last 100+ years as their members have worked to define, regulate, and advance nursing through legislation.

They state as their mission:

“Moving the nursing profession forward through leadership, collaboration, advocacy and innovation.”

History of TNA

In 1907, A group of 19 nurses from Texas came together to create the Texas Graduate Nurses’ Association (TGNA). In 1909, TGNA joined what would become today’s American Nurses Association. In 1964, TGNA formally changed its name to the Texas Nurses Association. In 2007 TNA celebrated 100 years of advocating on behalf of nursing and nurses in the great state of Texas.

Throughout its existence, the association has done a lot to promote nursing. In addition to all of the health care related legislation they have influenced, they have advanced nursing through such acts as donating $10,000 to University of Texas back in 1936 to establish a permanent department of nursing.

Leadership of TNA

The association is governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of 8 members. There are 3 elected officers: the president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. The remaining 5 members are regional directors. The regions are:

  • West Region
  • North Region
  • Central Region
  • South Region
  • East Region

A regional director is elected by those constituent members from each of the 5 geographic regions of Texas.

Benefits of TNA Membership

Membership in the Texas Nurses Association has many perks. Below are simply a sample of some membership benefits:

  • Free copies of Texas Nursing and Texas Nursing Voice which are quarterly TNA publications
  • Networking opportunities to meet, learn from, and mentor other professional nurses
  • Leadership opportunities at the national, state, and district level through elected positions or volunteer committee positions
  • Jobs though the TNA Career Center
  • Discounts from a variety of Texas and national merchants

Contact Information

To join or learn more about the largest association of Registered Nurses in Texas, contact TNA using the information below:

Texas Nurses Association
7600 Burnet Road, Suite 440
Austin, TX 78757

Phone: (512) 452-0645
FAX: (512) 452-0648
Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm