RN to DNP Programs

If you're a registered nurse, check our directory for RN to DNP programs!

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Are you a Registered Nurse but do not possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Master of Science in Nursing degree? While you may not qualify for entering into a BSN to DNP program or an MSN to DNP program, all is not lost. There are other options for you to obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree without first earning a BSN degree.

Many schools offer RN-to-DNP program. Such programs do not require you to have a BSN or MSN degree. As long as you are an RN with some type of Associate or Bachelor-level degree under your belt, you may qualify for entry into their program. Such programs will typically require candidates to take additional courses than would normally be required for their BSN to DNP programs. But these RN to DNP programs do exist.