South Dakota Nurses Association

The South Dakota Nurses Association (SDNA) is the official organization of Registered Nurses in South Dakota. As a constituent member of the American Nurses Association, SDNA members not only have a voice at the state level, but also at the national level.

The SDNA mission is as stated as follows:

“The South Dakota Nurses Association speaks with a unified voice to support professional nursing through advocacy, communication, networking and collaboration across nursing specialties. The Registered Nurse is an advocate of access to quality, cost effective care while upholding standards of excellence for the profession.”

Like most state nursing associations, SDNA has organized its membership into districts. The districts are based on the eleven most populous areas in South Dakota.

SDNA Membership

Being a member of SDNA allows you, as a nurse in South Dakota, to affect change within your profession at the local, state, and nation level. Nurses have opportunities to network with nurses from a variety of specialty areas and practice settings. They can develop leadership skills by serving on committees and as elected officers within the association and, if applicable, within the ANA.

There are two membership options: SDNA-only Membership and Full Membership (in both SDNA and ANA). Full members are eligible not only for SDNA benefits, but also all benefits afforded to ANA members.

Contact Information

To join SDNA or request more information, use the contact information below which has compiled for your convenience:

South Dakota Nurses Association
PO Box 1015
105 S. Euclid Ave
Suite C
Pierre, SD 57501

Phone: (605) 945-4265
FAX: (605) 945-4265
Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm