South Carolina Nurses Association

The South Carolina Nurses Association (SCNA) is the state’s constituent member of the American Nurses Association (ANA). It represents all Registered Nurses (RN) throughout the state by promoting their professional status and working to improve health care for all.

The SCNA was established during a meeting held in Columbia in October of 1907. There were 21 nurses in attendance at the first meeting. Miss Jean Kay was the organization’s first President.

One of the first orders of business was to get a law passed to implement a registration system for nurses in South Carolina. After failing in 1909 to get the Registration Bill passed, the Nurse Practice Act was subsequently passed in 1910 by the South Carolina General Assembly. The law made the State Board of Medical Examiners responsible for the examination and registration of nurses. The rest is… as they say… history.

SCNA has several chapters based on either geographical location or areas of interest in nursing practice. Members can belong to any number of chapters. They can also create new chapters if approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Currently, there are seven chapters available to members based on the following areas of interest and geographic locations:

  • APRN
  • Community or Public Health
  • Nurse Educator
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health
  • Women and Children’s Health
  • Edisto (for nurses in Bamberg, Calhoun, Clarendon, Orangeburg counties)
  • Piedmont (for nurses in Cherokee, Spartanburg, Union, and York counties)

Joining SCNA

South Carolina nurses joining SCNA enjoy many benefits from both SCNA and ANA. By joining you become a member of both the state and national organization.

There are a two basic membership options:

  • Full Membership
  • Reduced Membership

Full Membership requires members to pay full dues. It is available to RNs who are employed either full-time or part-time as well as all RNs who do not qualify for Reduced Membership.

There are two Reduced Membership Groups. One group is eligible for a 50% discount on dues. You must fall into one of the following categories to be eligible for the 50% discount:

  • Unemployed RNs
  • RNs currently enrolled as a full-time student
  • Graduates of a basic nursing program if initiated within 6 months of graduating (only good for the 1st year of membership)
  • RNs 62+ years of age whose earnings do not exceed the maximum allowed by Social Security without loss of payments

The second Reduced Membership Group is eligible for a 75% discount on SCNA dues. To be eligible you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • RNs who are totally disabled
  • Unemployed RNs 62+ years of age
  • Past NSNA/SNA-SC members if membership is initiated within 6 months of licensure (only good for the 1st year of membership)

Both the SCNA and ANA provide members with numerous benefits. They advocate for nurses and nursing by lobbying at the local, state, and federal levels on issues related to nursing and health care. Nurses have opportunities to develop their leadership skills and to network. The organizations offer continuing education free or at discounted rates. Nurses can save money with numerous discounts on products and services.

Contact Information

Are you considering joining South Carolina’s largest association representing Registered Nurses? Or would you simply like to request more information on what a membership in SCNA might mean for you? If so then you can contact them using the information below:

South Carolina Nurses Association
1821 Gadsden Street
Columbia , SC 29201

Phone: (803) 252-4781
FAX: (803) 779-3870
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm