New Mexico Nurses Association

The New Mexico Nurses Association (NMNA) is the state’s constituent member association of the American Nurses Association (ANA). The association advocates on behalf of patients, nurses, and the nursing profession.

Their mission is stated as:

“New Mexico Nurses Association is committed to advocating for all licensed nurses, improving health care, and promoting life-long learning.”

NMNA Membership

There are three ways in which nurses from New Mexico can belong to NMNA:

  • Tri-Level RN Membership (ANA, NMNA, and District)
  • State-Only RN Membership (NMNA only or NMNA plus District)
  • LPN Affiliate Membership (NMNA only or NMNA plus District)

There are many benefits to joining New Mexico’s largest professional nursing association. Tri-level members also enjoy the benefits of the ANA.

NMNA membership benefits include representation on the state and local levels, a free subscription to their quarterly newsletter, and full voting privileges on all association business and NMNA elections. Members have the right to participate in all NMNA committees and hold elected offices within NMNA providing them with leadership skills. The association provides opportunities for nurses to network with other nurses from a variety of settings in all areas of practice.

Contact Information

Join NMNA today or learn more about the association by requesting additional information using the contact information provided below as a courtesy to our readers:

New Mexico Nurses Association
PO Box 29658
Santa Fe, NM 87592

Phone: (505) 471-3324
FAX: (877) 350-7499
Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm