Montana Nurses Association

The Montana Nurses Association (MNA) was established to represent professional nurses in the state by promoting nurses and the nursing profession as well as advocating for quality patient health care. The association is the state’s constituent member of of the American Nurses Association (ANA).

MNA Membership Benefits

Being a member of MNA is a great way for Montana nurses to stay connected to one another and to keep informed of changes in their profession. Participation offers all sorts of benefits.

Nurses get to network with others in their profession from all areas of practice and all types of settings. Participating in committees or serving as an elected official in MNA and/or ANA is great way to not only network, but to gain leadership skills and affect the lives of literally millions of other nurses around the country.

Member nurses receive free subscriptions to newsletters and publications from both the MNA and ANA. And there are lots of discounts available to members from various merchants on the products and service they offer including everything from scrubs to insurance to travel to computers.

Contact Information

We have provided the contact information below for your convenience should you wish join or request additional information about the association:

Montana Nurses Association
20 Old Montana State Highway
Clancy, MT 59634

Phone: (406) 442-6710
FAX: (406) 442-1841
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm