Missouri Nurses Association

The Missouri Nurses Association (MONA) was established in 1906 and is the state’s only professional nursing organization for all Registered Nurses (RN). MONA is Missouri’s constituent member of the American Nurses Association (ANA).

MONA’s mission is:

“… to promote, protect and enhance registered professional nursing practice through advocacy, education, collaboration and partnership.”

MONA divided the state into seven major regions (groups of counties make up each region) to promote local involvement of nurses in the association. Each region has meetings and events, providing members with opportunities to network.

Becoming a Member of MONA

By joining the Missouri Nurses Association, you have access to many resources and benefits which you would not have otherwise. There are essentially two options for membership:

  • Full Membership: MONA as well as ANA
  • State-Only Membership: MONA only

The full membership can be obtained at a reduced (50% discount) rate for RNs who are unemployed, attending school full-time, new graduates from a basic nursing program (within one year of graduation – first membership year only), or are 62+ years of age and earning not more than what Social Security allows without reduced benefits.

The full membership can also be obtained at a special (75% discount) rate for RNs who are totally disabled or who are 62+ years of age and unemployed.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of becoming a member of MONA are many. They vary, of course, depending on whether you opt for the full membership or state-only membership. Full members receive all benefits of both MONA and ANA. State-only members receive only MONA benefits.

There are many opportunities to stay informed about changes in the nursing profession through free publications such as The American Nurse, American Nurse Today, and The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing through your ANA membership and The Missouri Nurse through your MONA membership. There are also numerous listservs to which you will have access.

Membership offers many professional development tools including access to the MONA Career Center. There are many free and discounted continuing education opportunities available to members. ANA and MONA make their national and local conferences and educational events available to members at discounted rates.

Additionally, there are many discounts available through local and national merchants for products and services. These include discounts on everything from insurance, travel, uniforms/scrubs, computers, appliances, etc.

Contact Information

If you would like to join the Missouri Nurses Association or request additional information about the organization, you can contact them directly using the information provided below for your convenience.

Missouri Nurses Association
1904 Bubba Lane
PO Box 105228
Jefferson City, MO 65110

Phone: (573) 636-4623
FAX: (573) 636-9576
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm