Minnesota Organization of Registered Nurses

The Minnesota Organization of Registered Nurses (MNORN) is the state’s constituent member of the American Nurses Association (ANA). While Minnesota has had an association affiliated with ANA for over a century, MNORN was formed just recently in 2011.

Prior to 2008 the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) had been the state’s constituent member for the ANA for over a century. In 2008, MNA’s House of Delegates voted to end its affiliation with the ANA without putting it to a full member vote against ANA requirements that 2/3 of the members of a constituent organization must participate in any vote to sever ties with the ANA.

So in 2011, a group of RN’s from Minnesota
came together to create MNORN so that the state’s RNs could once again have a constituent member organization of and representation within the American Nurses Association.

MNORN states as their mission:

“MNORN, a constituent member of the American Nurses Association (ANA), is dedicated to advancing the profession of nursing in Minnesota through advocacy, leadership development, education and mentorship.”

MNORN Membership

Membership in the Minnesota Organization of Registered Nurses means that you have access to many resources and enjoy lots of benefits. In addition to staying informed about the nursing profession, you will benefit from having the organization advocate on behalf of Minnesota’s nurses and the nursing profession. MNORN provides all sorts of networking opportunities with nurses from all settings and areas of practice, continuing education opportunities, leadership development opportunities by working on committees and holding elected office, as well as access to mentoring.

Membership also makes you eligible for substantial discounts on a variety of services and products through both MNORN and ANA which include but are not limited to:

  • Discounts on ANCC certifications
  • Discounted and free continuing education offerings
  • Discounts on national, state, and local conferences
  • Discounts on insurance
  • Discounts on travel

Members also get free subscriptions to MNORN’s newsletter and the ANA’s American Nurse Today and The American Nurse publications.

Contact Information

Are you considering joining the Minnesota Organization of Registered Nurses? Would you like more information about MNORN? You will find all of the information that you might need to contact the organization provided below for your convenience:

Minnesota Organization of Registered Nurses
PO Box 48269
Minneapolis, MN 55448

Phone: (763) 291-4618