Illinois Nurses Association

The Illinois Nurses Association (INA) is an organization for registered professional nurses. It is a constituent member of the American Nurses Association (ANA).

The INA vision is stated as:

“The Illinois Nurses Association will be the recognized leader in addressing health care issues and envisioning the future of the profession.”

INA’s has a list of core values under which the organization operates. Those include:

  • Integrity in every activity and relationship
  • Visionary leadership in both the areas of nursing practice and health care policy
  • Advocacy on behalf of patients, health care consumers, nurses, and the nursing profession
  • Excellence in the delivery in service, information, and products
  • Diversity

Joining INA

Joining the Illinois Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association is an investment in your future as a Registered Nurse. INA offers essentially three membership options with varying benefits:

  • Full INA/ANA membership
  • INA only membership
  • Web only limited e-membership

As a member of INA, you are afforded numerous benefits and opportunities that might not otherwise be available to you. There are too many to enumerate here, but some of those include:

  • Assistance with practice problems and workplace issues affecting RNs
  • Representation with policy makers at the State and Federal level
  • Collective bargaining services at many public and private health care facilities across Illinois
  • Networking opportunities in diverse areas of nursing practice, academics, and research
  • Free and discounted continuing education
  • Several free INA and ANA publications and bulletins/newsletters
  • Access to the Illinois Nurse Foundation (INF) for nursing scholarships and funding for various types of programs
  • INA dues are approximately 90% deductable (varies year to year)
  • Access to various member only resources such as INA’s Career Center job posting/finding service
  • Discounts on all sorts of products and services

The list of INA and ANA benefits go on.

Contact Information

To learn more about INA or to join the organization, we have included their contact information below for your convenience:

Illinois Nurses Association
105 West Adams Street, Suite 1420
Chicago, IL 60603

Phone: (312) 419-2900 ext. 229
FAX: (312) 419-2920
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm