Florida Nurses Association

The Florida Nurses Association (FNA) is a constituent of the American Nurses Association (ANA). This professional nursing association is comprised of Registered Nurses (RN) from across the state of Florida regardless of practice area or specialty area. They speak on behalf of all of the state’s nurses at the state legislative level as well as before the various state regulatory bodies.

They state as their mission:

“To serve and support all registered nurses through professional development, advocacy and the promotion of excellence at every level of professional nursing practice.”

Brief History of FNA

In 1909 Florida’s cities were separated by miles and miles of wilderness. The state’s population barely exceeded 750,000. Jacksonville was the largest city in the state with a population of around 28,000. Jacksonville, being the most populous city, had several hospitals. Two of those hospitals – DeSoto and St. Luke’s – were training schools for nurses.

In March of 1909, a group of nurses who had graduated from both DeSoto and St. Luke’s hospitals in Jacksonville came together to form the Florida Association of Graduate Nurses (FAGN). It was modeled after other Alumnae Associations which had combined years earlier to create the American Nurses Association. The FAGN grew over the next century to become what is now the Florida Nurses Association.

Membership in FNA

There are several options for membership. Fees vary accordingly. For example, they have reduced membership fees for full-time students,RNs who are unemployed, new graduates not previously in FNA, first time renewals, and retired RNs. However, the primary membership options are:

  • Full Membership which entitles you to ANA direct benefits as well as FNA benefits
  • FNA State Only Membership which does not include ANA direct benefits

Once a member of FNA, RNs can opt into one or more Special Interest Groups (SIG) such as:

  • Faculty SIG
  • Health Policy SIG
  • Nursing Research SIG
  • Environmental Issues SIG
  • Parish Nurses SIG
  • New Graduate SIG
  • Ethics SIG
  • Simulation SIG
  • Health Literacy SIG
  • Health Risk (Diabetes/Obesity/Other) SIG

Membership Benefits

Membership in Florida Nurses Association entitles nurses to lots of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Free subscription to several professional nursing publications including American Nurse Today and The Florida Nurse
  • Full members receive The American Nurse newsletter from the ANA as well as the Members Only newsletter
  • Networking opportunities through SIGs, committees, and task forces
  • Discounted professional liability insurance
  • Discounted continuing education programs
  • Discounts from many merchants and vendors both in Florida and across the nation

Contact Information

Florida Nurses Association
1235 East Concord Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Phone: (407) 896-3261
FAX: (407) 896-9042
Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm