Delaware Nurses Association

The Delaware Nurses Association (DNA) is the state’s constituent member of the American Nurses Association (ANA). It is not a union, but instead it is a professional organization representing the interests of Registered Nurses in DE. Only RNs are eligible for joining.

It was organized in 1911 and officially became part of the ANA in 1916. They were incorporated in 1919 and were granted non-profit status by the IRS in 1958.

DNA Membership

There are two basic DNA membership options:

  • Full DNA/ANA Membership
  • DNA State-Only Membership

Those opting for the full DNA/ANA membership enjoy the benefits and participation opportunities awarded members of both the Delaware Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association.

Those opting for DNA state-only membership, of course, only enjoy the benefits and participation opportunities of only DNA membership.

There are three additional full DNA/ANA membership options that offer reduced dues:

  • Reduced Membership
  • Special Membership
  • Dual Membership

Reduced DNA/ANA memberships are offered to recent graduates from a program that prepares nurses to pass the RN certification exam, full-time students, unemployed RNs, and RNs that are 62+ years of age earning less that Social Security allows. Dues are cheaper than full DNA/ANA membership dues, but benefits are the same.

Special DNA/ANA memberships are offered to unemployed RNs 62+ years of age. It affords members the same membership benefits and participation opportunities at the state and national level, but with dues even cheaper than reduced DNA/ANA members.

RNs holding membership in ANA and some other constituent state association of the ANA can become a member of DNA with dues cheaper than DNA state-only dues and maintain dual state membership. They, too, will be affording full benefits and participation opportunities at both the DE state and national level.

Contact Information

To join DNA or learn more information about the organization, use the following contact information or visit their web site:

Delaware Nurses Association
726 Loveville Road, Suite 3000
Hockessin, DE 19707

Phone: (302) 239-3141
FAX: (302) 998-3143
Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm