American Nurses Association Maine

The American Nurses Association Maine (ANA-Maine) is a professional association for Registered Nurses. It is the state’s constituent member of the American Nurses Association (ANA).

The organization states as their mission:

“… to work for the improvement of health standards and availability of health care services for all Maine people, to foster high standards for nursing, and to stimulate and promote the professional development of nurses.”

Like most ANA constituents, it is governed by its voting members and a Board of Directors which is elected from its membership. Board members are elected for 2 year terms. The membership also elects representatives to the House of Delegates and Center of American Nurses.

There are numerous committees on which members can volunteer to serve such as the Bylaws Committee, Finance Committee, Legislative Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Conference Committee, and more.

Benefits of ANA-Maine Membership

Joining the ANA-Maine association provides nurses with numerous benefits. By joining the ANA-Maine, you also become a member of the American Nurses Association. This means you enjoy all benefits of membership in both organizations.

Membership in ANA-Maine gives nurses many avenues in which to network with other nurses across the state of Maine and even nationally. By serving as an elected official or volunteering for committee work, nurses can develop valuable leadership skills. The organization communicates to members about state and national political issues affecting the nursing and health care professions so that they might have a voice in the outcome of any resulting legislation. The organization also offers all sorts of continuing education resources to members.

There are many discounts available to members from state and national merchants on products and services through various affinity partnerships. This includes discounts on professional liability insurance, online nursing education, accreditation examinations, and more.

Members also gain free subscriptions to a variety of publications including The American Nurse, American Nurse Today, Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, The Journal (ANA-Maine’s newsletter), and The Nursing Insider. They also get access to members-only sections of the ANA and ANA-Maine web sites.

Contact Information

To join ANA-Maine or to learn more about their association, contact them using the information below provided as a courtesy to our readers:

American Nurses Association Maine
PO Box 1205
Windham, ME 04062

Phone: (207) 281-2091