American Nurses Association California

The American Nurses Association of California (ANA\C) is an affiliate of the American Nurses Association. To qualify as an individual member, one must be a Registered Nurse (RN) holding an active, unencumbered in at least one State, territory, or possession of the US or be a recent graduate of a nursing program qualifying them to take the RN licensure exam (must be confirmed within six months).

They state as their mission:

“The mission of the American Nurses’ Association of California is to advance the quality of health care and the ethical practice of nursing in contemporary society through legislation, regulation, and policy advocacy.”

Benefits of Joining ANA\C

By joining the ANA\C, you will also be joining and becoming part of the much larger American Nurses Association. As such, you will enjoy the benefits of membership in both organizations.

The association offers several membership options each with different dues. Full-time and part-time RNs pay the most as they must join as full member (unless they are newly licensed graduates, full-time students, or older than 62 years of age). There is a reduced membership rate available to recently licensed graduates, RNs that are attending school full time, unemployed RNs, and RNs 62+ years of age not earning more than Social Security allows. Special memberships with even further reduced rates are available to RNs 62+ years of age who are either not employed or are totally disabled.

As a member of ANA\C, nurses enjoy many benefits including but not limited to:

  • An ANA\C membership card
  • Access to members-only sections of the site which is full of useful nursing resources
  • Full voting rights within ANA\C and ANA
  • Eligibility for leadership opportunities as elected and appointed positions within the ANA\C and ANA
  • Eligibility to attend unrestricted events held by the ANA\C and ANA such as conventions, ANA House of Delegates, ANA\C General Assembly, and more
  • Free and discounted continuing education
  • Discounts for merchants on products and services

Contact Information

American Nurses Association California
1121 L Street, Suite 409
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 447-0225
FAX: (916) 442-4394
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm